Stephen James
Professional voice actor, award-winning voice & dialect coach, director, producer, agent

Master of The King's Speech 


Stephen James Classes/Workshops & Events

In addition to his work as a full-time voice-over actor and producer, Stephen James is an award-winning voice-over coach providing private lessons from his professional home studio in Biloxi, MS. - as well as taking his expertise to providing affordable workshops across the Southern states under the banner of Stephen James Voice-over Workshops (formerly The NOLA Voice Talent Foundation - a 501(c)3 non-profit organization Stephen founded in 2009 to support the community).

The NVT workshops are designed for all voice performers - whether behind-the-mic, on stage, or in front of the camera, as well as for professionals/executives who use their voice for corporate presentations.
AS part of his dedication to the movie and related industries in Louisiana and Mississippi (Hollywood South) Stephen produced The Hollywood South Awards® since re-named The Hollywood South Honors® presented by Stephen James for The NOLA Voice Talent Foundation, to recognize individual talent and commitment to the movie, theater, broadcasting, and voice-over industries in Louisiana.

The Awards became the main social event of the social calendar in Hollywood South (principally Louisiana and Mississippi).

In addition, Stephen begins auditions and rehearsals every September for The NOLA Voice Talent Foundation's Annual Regional Benefit Production of "It's a Wonderful Life" as a radio play on stage, latterly presented remote via Zoom,  produced and directed by Stephen James. This annual fund-raising production has raised thousands of dollars for non-profit organizations and the community throughout the region.

Pictured top of page: The cast of the 2015 New Orleans production of "It's a Wonderful Life", produced The NOLA Voice Talent Foundation. Directed and produced by Vatican Lokey; Executive Director, Stephen James.

Stephen James is all about YOU, the performer.

Join him at his  regular affordable workshops, classes, and events throughout the length and breadth of the USA Gulf coast and beyond.

For further details please go to - the web-page of The NOLA Voice Talent Foundation's workshops program.